2019 Projects

Time Traveler's Sketchbook

At the end of December 2018, I found an old sketchbook from around 1969 that had never been used. It was in pretty good condition, save for a few little bits of wear on the cover (I think it adds to its vintage charm). I could have just ignored this "old" little sketchbook, or even collected it as a near-antique art curio. Instead, I had a different idea.

I'm calling this project the Time Traveler's Sketchbook. The book itself is nearly 50-years-0ld, and I also have a collection of antique and vintage mechanical pencils -- one of which I have pictured in some of the included project photos. I'm using items from the past to create sketches/drawings in the here-and-now -- virtually traveling through time, using art as a vehicle.